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Most information on the Holy See and Vatican City State can be found on the Vatican Website

To facilitate your search we have separated the following links:

Ticket Reservations for Papal Events - for tickets to General Papal Audience, Papal Masses and Special Masses such as the Christmas Midnight Mass, Easter, Canonisations and other liturgical celebrations.

Vatican Museums and Gardens - for information on admission, guided tours and the Museum collections - online bookings.

Scavi Office, Vatican Necropolis - for information on visiting the archaeological excavations under St. Peter's Basilica

The Vatican Secret Archives - for information about the Vatican Secret Archives

Papal certificates / Apostolic Blessings - Apostolic blessings on parchment are available through the Office of Papal Charities ("Elemosineria"):
Tel +39-06-6988-3135
Fax +39-06-6988-3132.